What's the fastest baseball pitch? (2024)

Is it possible to throw a 110 mph fastball?

The 20-year-old right-hander and Chicago's third-ranked prospect was recorded hitting 110 mph on a radar gun during a workout at APEC, the facility in Texas where he trains during the offseason. The workout involved throwing against a screen using three-ounce and four-ounce balls, followed by a regular baseball.

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How hard is it to throw a baseball 100 mph?

Throwing a 100 mph fastball is not easy, and it will require dedication and hard work. But with the right program and training, it is possible to achieve this goal.

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How many mph is the fastest baseball pitch?

Aroldis Chapman officially holds the Guinness World Record for fastest baseball pitch with a 105.8 mph fastball. On Sept. 24, 2010, the Cincinnati Reds' pitcher set the record with a high-velocity pitch against the San Diego Padres.

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Can anyone throw a 90 mph fastball?

Velocity Myth #2: “I Throw 90”

Despite it being more common than ever, still, very few pitchers can do this. On the average Division-I baseball team, each team usually has 4-8 players capable of touching 90mph, though perhaps only 1 or 2 who can average it.

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Can you hit a 90 mph fastball?

Baseball is a game of constant adjustments. Hitting a 90+mph fastball is something every player can do with the right adjustments. Let's break down how to hit a pitcher who throws 90+. "Adjustments" is the key word when talking about catching up to a 90+ fastball.

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How fast does a 100 mph fastball get to home plate?

A 100-mph fastball takes roughly 375-400 milliseconds to reach the plate. For reference, the blink of an eye takes 300-400 milliseconds.

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What is the fastest a human can throw a baseball?

Yes, a human can throw a baseball at around 110 MPH. The pitcher's ability to throw a fast ball is based on their genetics and muscle strength. There are many pitchers who can reach 105 MPH or even faster, but the record for the fastest pitch ever thrown is held by an anonymous American pitcher who hit 108 MPH in 2011.

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How fast can the average man throw a fastball?

The average fastball for these senior-level pitchers is 90 mph, but there will always be a few guys who can light up the radar gun close to 100 mph. At the lower levels of college baseball, there will still be guys in the low to mid-80s.

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How fast does a 80 mph fastball reach home plate?

80 mph = Approx. 0.50 sec.

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Does getting hit by a pitch hurt?

It is pain that can last for weeks, it can leave a hideous mark that can last for months and it can instill a fear that can last forever. It is pain and accompanying fear that the average fan would experience once, then never go near home plate again.

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How fast to throw a baseball 250 feet?

"In layman's terms, if you can throw a baseball 250-feet, you should be able to approach 90 miles per hour," Jaeger says. "It's not exact, but that's a rough estimate.

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How fast was Babe Ruth's fastball?

Ruth was an extremely skilled pitcher, throwing the ball at a speed of over 100 miles per hour. He was even faster when he batted, swinging the bat so fast that it looked like a blur on TV. In 1934, Ruth set single-season home run records and became one of baseball's most legendary players.

What's the fastest baseball pitch? (2024)
Who is the fastest pitcher in history?

Earl Weaver, who had years of exposure to both pitchers, said, "[Dalkowski] threw a lot faster than Ryan." The hardest throwers in baseball currently are recognized as Aroldis Chapman and Jordan Hicks, who have each been clocked with the fastest pitch speed on record at 105.1 mph (169 km/h).

What is the fastest strikeout in MLB history?

He struck out the Pittsburgh Pirates' Tucupita Marcano on three pitches in about 20 seconds at an exhibition game in Bradenton, Florida. (Watch the video below.) Pitching data analyst Codify called it the “the quickest strikeout in baseball history.”

What muscles make you throw harder?

Professional pitchers predominantly use the subscapularis and latissimus dorsi for acceleration, whereas amateurs use more of the rotator cuff muscles with an active pectoralis minor and a relatively quiescent latissimus dorsi.

How long does a 95 mph fastball reach home plate?

The mound is 60 feet, 6 inches from the plate. A 95-mph fastball is traveling about 139 feet-per-second. That means it takes about 0.425 seconds to reach the plate. That's less than half a second for hand-eye coordination to do its thing and make a connection.

How hard do you have to throw to throw a baseball 300 feet?

Check out the velocity chart in this article that uses physics data from one of the world's baseball physics experts, Dr. Alan Nathan. His calculator of fly ball distance is a great estimator, and it shows that somewhere between 77-82 is needed to throw approximately 300 feet.

Will anyone ever throw 110 mph?

More and more pitchers are throwing triple-digit fastballs, with the fastest of them topping out at 105 miles per hour, but is possible to go even faster? WIRED examines why the 110-mph fastball is almost impossible.

Is it possible to throw 110?

at or above 100 miles per hour. But what if the fastball got even faster? a 110 mile per hour fastball is almost impossible. who's been studying pitching for decades.

Do any MLB pitchers throw 100 mph?

Louis righthander Jordan Hicks has thrown the most 100-mph pitches this year (110). Hicks hit 100 mph more times in April than the entire league did in April just five years ago (92 in 2018). And yet, batters hit . 333 against his triple-digit fastballs.

What pitcher throws 105 mph?

He played college baseball at the University of Tennessee, where he gained acclaim for throwing the fastest pitch in college baseball history at 105.5 miles per hour (169.8 km/h). Joyce was selected by the Angels in the third round of the 2022 MLB draft, and made his MLB debut in 2023.

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