Pitcher Who Threw 105 MPH In College Makes MLB Debut And The Heat Is On (2024)

Ben Joyce was fast and furious in his Major League Baseball debut on Monday for the Los Angeles Angels.

The fireballing pitcher, who once threw a pitch at 105 mph at the University of Tennessee, unleashed his heat on the Chicago White Sox.

He was called in to protect a 4-3 lead in an eventual 6-4 Angels victory in Chicago, MLB.com reported. He struck out two in a scoreless seventh inning, some of which was captured in a compilation video below:

Ben Joyce, the @Angels No. 9 prospect, was NASTY in his MLB debut. ⛽ pic.twitter.com/8T7xFNF1Ut

— MLB (@MLB) May 30, 2023

“It felt awesome. I felt very comfortable ― a lot more comfortable than I thought I’d feel,” said the 22-year-old pitcher, whose speed topped out at 102.2 mph on Monday. “Just went out and trusted my stuff and threw strikes, and it worked out. It was an amazing feeling.”

Joyce’s high-velocity exploits in college last year were followed by outlets that don’t even emphasize sports.

Now he’s a big leaguer.

Joyce, a 6-foot-5, 225-pound right-hander, was called up from Double-A Rocket City just the day before. He arrived with considerable hype.

His coach at Tennessee, Tony Vitello, once said: “He is an abnormal kid with an abnormal work ethic and fortunately he has been blessed with abnormal stuff, too.”


Pitcher Who Threw 105 MPH In College Makes MLB Debut And The Heat Is On (2024)


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