Fastest baseball pitch ever thrown: Here's the new pitcher who may break the record - Yahoo Sports (2024)

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Throwing a blur of a pitch is one of the most impressive things a baseball player can do — and in positive news for anyone who likes a good fastball, pitching velocity is up.

The 2022 MLB season saw more pitches above 100 mph than any season before it, with a total of 3,356 pitches in the triple digits, which helped drive the batting average down to a historic low of .243.

Even 39-year-old Justin Verlander threw heat in his 17th season, with an impressive pitching portfolio that included a 99.3 mph fastball, his fastest since 2017.

With so many pitchers producing at such velocity, what is the absolute ceiling for pitching speed?

What is the fastest pitch ever thrown?

Aroldis Chapman officially holds the Guinness World Record for fastest baseball pitch with a 105.8 mph fastball. On Sept. 24, 2010, the Cincinnati Reds’ pitcher set the record with a high-velocity pitch against the San Diego Padres.

Other MLB legends are said to have thrown faster pitches than Chapman's, but with older, less reliable technology, it can be difficult to confirm the speed of a historic pitch. Thus, tales of Nolan Ryan’s 108.1 mph fastball in 1974 or Bob Feller’s 107.6 mph pitch in 1946 remain unofficial.

After spending multiple seasons with the New York Yankees, Chapman recently finalized a one-year deal with the Kansas City Royals for the 2023 season.

Another Cincinnati Reds pitcher may have eclipsed 105 mph at the start of the 2023 season. Hunter Greene clocked a pitch that was originally listed at 105.2 mph.

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Fastest pitch ever thrown in college baseball

The fastest recorded pitch in college baseball history belongs to Ben Joyce, according to the MLB. On May 1, 2022, Joyce threw a 105.5 mph ball for the Tennessee Volunteers in a game against Auburn. Just 0.3 mph below Chapman’s record, Joyce’s pitch would have been the second-fastest MLB pitch of all time if he’d thrown it in a major league game.

Though this historic pitch by Joyce wasn’t a strike, Joyce became known for his speed while playing at Tennessee. In a June 10 Super Regional game against Notre Dame, Joyce threw at least 29 pitches over 101 mph.

Fastest baseball pitch ever thrown: Here's the new pitcher who may break the record - Yahoo Sports (1)

After just one season of competition in the NCAA, Joyce was drafted to the MLB by the Los Angeles Angels in summer 2022. He has already broken out pitches with triple-digit speeds in his time on the Double-A Trash Pandas.

Joyce made his MLB debut on May 29, entering in during the game's seventh inning against the White Sox. He pitched a scoreless frame with a top pitch speed of 102 mph.

Fastest pitch of the 2022 MLB season

The fastest pitch of the 2022 MLB season came from the St. Louis CardinalsRyan Helsley, who recorded a 104.2 mph fastball in the Cardinals’ Sept. 27 outing against the Milwaukee Brewers.

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This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: What is the fastest pitch ever thrown in the MLB? It's well over 100 mph.

Fastest baseball pitch ever thrown: Here's the new pitcher who may break the record - Yahoo Sports (2024)


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